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Back to blogging? Yes, that’s right, back to blogging. I used to blog years ago, when I was studying at Sunderland uni. I saw it not only as an outlet to share thoughts on my favourite topics, but I also considered it a portfolio to showcase my writing abilities when it came to finding a job after study. In a nutshell, I really missed having a space to write about whatever I want, whenever I want. So here I am now, with my very first post on Not So Secret Diary.

The last blog post I wrote was in 2017 and looking back I can’t quite believe how much has changed for me in the space of three years. My situation in 2017 looked a little bit like this… 

I was 22 (wow, to be that age again!), very single, and working as a barmaid at my local pub desperate to break into the world of journalism, marketing, or copywriting. I had graduated in 2016, having achieved a 2:1 in Magazine Journalism, but was finding it near impossible to get a job. I attended interview after interview but just didn’t quite make the cut each and every time. 

Then the day came… I managed to bag an interview with Hays Travel, came away feeling super positive (which is more than I could say about the others), and later that day was told I got the job. Happy was an understatement.

So yeah, that’s what I do for a living right now. Write about hotels, cruise ships and itineraries, tours – you name it.

I’ve had some pretty amazing holidays over the last three years too. I’ve visited the lively Ibiza, white-washed paradise Santorini, super-scenic Croatia, and historic Prague. For me, travel is a huge part of my life. I feel as though it builds independence and shapes you as a person with each new and exciting experience you encounter. 

This year I had planned a massive adventure to New York and Baltimore but unfortunately, Covid-19 went and did a big steaming shit on that. Onwards and upwards though, it ages you to hold a grudge apparently!


Because I was very, VERY single I also decided to dabble in the world of online dating again… specifically Tinder. I went in with extremely low expectations because the calibre of men I’d seen on there before was practically vomit-inducing. However, I was more open-minded with the encouragement of my brother, who found it hilarious to “Swipe Left” and “Swipe Right” in a bid to find me an eligible bachelor. Eventually I found the bee to my honey, the cheese to my cracker… Yeah anyway, he’s pretty cute.


Other than all of that, not a lot else has changed really. I’ve lost friends, made friends, laughed, and cried. I’m just about ready to buy a house and I’m still driving the first car I bought when I passed my driving test… little Tammy Toyota. She never lets me down.

If you’ve got this far down then I congratulate you. I hope you’re looking forward to some more content to come very, very soon. I’m actually writing this with a can of pina colada in-hand (classy, I know), so let’s cheers to that!

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    August 11, 2020 at 6:57 pm

    Funny old world isn’t it . Nice to see you back blogging . I bet there will be lots of laughs along the way x


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