The Lamp Room, Seaham

Before last week I'd reached the ripe old age of 25 (jk, I know that isn't old) without trying fresh lobster. Criminal, I know. But, that's changed now. I'd been seeing The Lamp Room all over Facebook showing off their amazing menu in a series of videos. I love seafood... mussels, prawns, squid, octopus - the lot. So finally, I got around to trying lobster in Seaham.

Can I just say, what a lovely little find this place is. I’m not familiar with Seaham particularly but you’ll find it situated near Red Acre Beach close to the waterfront. It looks quite understated standing on the outside but I never judge a book by its cover.  

I’d booked a table here because I’d heard it usually gets quite busy. When stepping inside the restaurant it immediately had a really cosy feel which I liked. We were seated by a lovely waitress who then took a drinks order for us.

To my surprise it wasn’t actually very busy at all yet we still waited quite a long time for menus. There was some confusion that instead of paper menus they preferred that we scanned the QR code (like a lot of places right now) and order that way but nobody told us this. 

Nevertheless, we called someone over and she took our order. The menu was primarily Surf & Turf the evening I went, although there were a few Chef Specials too. They were also serving a generous tapas menu. If we wanted a starter, it was recommended that we have a tapas dish and because I knew I wanted to review this place on my blog I decided to try the Arancini. This is melted mozzarella and parmesan and saffron risotto in crispy breadcrumbs served with aioli dip.

Surprisingly, these were really filling even though there were only three – they were actually quite big! They were just the right amount of cheesy so they didn’t feel too heavy before my main and the dip served was delicious.

The next course was obviously the main event. I ordered a half fresh lobster with shrimp fries… now, what part of that doesn’t sound amazing? I chose the garlic and parmesan dressing for my lobster because I simply love both of these ingredients and thought it would flavour the lobster meat nicely. 

When it arrived on my plate I can’t lie and say it wasn’t at least a little bit intimidating. I had all the proper tools as well to crack the claws and pick out the meat and let me tell you I didn’t have a clue what I was doing! But… I decided to wing it and do my best.

I did manage to get a decent amount of meat out and what I had was really nice. The shrimp fries were a nice extra too. I’d maybe say they were slightly too buttery because underneath my lobster I could see the chips were practically floating, which made them taste a bit greasy. 

Next time I’d probably order the full lobster so I could enjoy a bit more meat. Either that or I just need to practice my skills at cracking claws to get more out! I also had my eye on the steak covered in prawns as it was coming out of the kitchen, so I think to conclude it’s obvious I’ll definitely be returning to The Lamp Room soon.

I felt as though the prices were reasonable for the quality of food on offer. Plus, seafood is usually pretty expensive anyway. Personally, I’m happy to pay more if it’s a good meal but the quality always has to reflect the price otherwise I just feel like I’ve been conned. 

In a nutshell, if you’re a lover of all things seafood then I’d recommend you get yourself to The Lamp Room. Totally worth it.

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