What I Eat in a Day #2

After a week in Cornwall eating and drinking practically anything and everything I wanted to... I made sure that this week I was to get back on track with healthy eating. I've fallen off the healthy eating wagon more times than I'd like to admit in my lifetime but it's getting back on it again that counts. Not giving up and making sure you continue to fuel your body with good stuff is all part of the journey. Even if you have to start over 1,389 times. Still counts.

Today’s post will share with you the meals I ate last Tuesday, so it’s not exactly what I ate today specifically but I did eat this in a day at some point this week. Not that it really matters but hey ho! 

Following on from my last ‘What I Eat in a Day’ post, if you had the pleasure of reading that, I said I was trying to make an effort to fit more protein into my diet and reduce heavy carbs such as pasta. This day of eating was great because I made meals that were wholesome and filling which in turn made me feel less inclined to want to snack. I also managed to get plenty of protein, fruit, and vegetables in for good measure. Hopefully my meals can give you some inspiration/ideas!

For breakfast I started the day with my favourite… porridge! I tried something different with my porridge this time though because I added peanut butter for an extra something. Oats and milk with peanut butter and sprinkling of cinnamon topped with raspberries made a delicious meal that kept me full until around 2pm – pretty good going.

What I would say if you’re going to add peanut butter to porridge is to add even more milk than you would normally because I found the mixture was a lot more dry than it would normally be. I like thick porridge but not cement!

I made chicken and salad wraps for lunch… easy, healthy, and so tasty! I highly recommend these as a quick meal you can pull together in around 5 minutes. That is if you have pre-cooked your chicken of course, if not then add another 25 minutes on to cook your meat or buy some from the supermarket to make life easier. 

For this lunch I used mini white tortilla wraps, half a chicken breast cooked in a garlic Maggi paper, baby leaf salad, chopped cherry tomatoes, and a few dollops of sweet chilli sauce on each to make sure they didn’t taste dry. Plus, I also just love sweet chilli sauce and could drink it by the pint.

As an extra something and also to settle my sweet tooth I had a small bowl of pineapple chunks. My favourite fruit ever always keeps me from feeling like I want to raid the chocolate aisle in Morrisons.

Finally, for my dinner I decided to make something I’d never tried out before… a burrito bowl. So, basically everything you would typically have in a burrito but without the wrap! 

I used a fairly large bowl and filled the bottom with baby leaf salad, chopped tomatoes, and spring onion and then added on top half a bag of microwavable Mexican-style rice, sweetcorn, mixed beans, half an avocado, and the other half of the chicken breast I cooked at lunchtime. There you have it; a super wholesome and filling bowl of goodness that tastes absolutely unreal.

This was so quick and easy to make that I can see it becoming a regular lunchtime or evening meal because it just crams so many nutrients into one dish. Highly recommend!

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    October 4, 2020 at 10:04 pm

    Mmmmm I’m going to try the Burrito Bowl! x


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