My Autumn/Winter Skincare Routine

The leaves have fallen, the temperature has dropped, and the pumpkin spice lattes are back. That means only one thing... it's officially autumn. Autumn leading into winter is my absolute favourite time of year but it can certainly take a toll on your skin. The cold air can often dry your skin out making it look dull, so it's important to have a moisture-rich routine in the more chilly months of the year. Here are the products I'll be using in autumn/winter...

Cleanser - Clinique Take The Day Off

I’m guilty of being that lazy girl who removes her makeup with a skincare wipe… or sometimes even a baby wipe I won’t lie! I’m making an effort to remove my makeup properly in the evening so there is no excess dirt and grime left on the surface.

To do this, I’m using the Clinique Take The Day Off cleanser. It’s a smooth, buttery-like formula and you only need a cherry-sized amount and some warm water to remove your makeup. This stuff is genius; it just seems to break down makeup so gently without the need to scrub at your face. It’s definitely a more luxurious product but if you’re willing to pay extra for a good quality cleanser I’d highly recommend this one.

Face wash - Neutrogena Refreshingly Clear

Secondly, I use a face wash to make doubly sure there are no last traces of makeup and also to revive my skin. The Neutrogena Refreshingly Clear face wash is particularly nice. It smells of grapefruit and feels so soothing and cool on the skin. The great thing about Neutrogena products is the price point. You’ll rarely pay over £5 for their products and the quality truly excels itself.

I recently bought a face sponge from Primark which I’ve been using in combination with the wash and it works really well. It’s not abrasive or bristly but instead relaxingly smooth and lathers up great.

Moisturiser - Nivea Daily Essentials/thisworks in transit camera close-up

At this point, it’s time to put some moisture back into my skin that the cleansing products have stripped from it. I’ve been using the Nivea Daily Essentials moisturiser for around two or three years now and I always buy it again time after time.

I’m not a fan of heavily perfumed moisturisers because they never agree with my skin and usually end up breaking me out. This Nivea moisturiser has a subtle scent but nothing too obnoxious, glides on beautifully, and keeps my dry patches hydrated. 

Recently, I subscribed to the monthly beauty box service Birchbox and have received some fantastic products to sample. The thisworks in transit camera close-up is a mask, primer, and moisturiser all in one and I’ve been testing this out lately. I love it so that’s why I’ve included it in the post because I can really see it becoming a staple part of my routine. 

Eye cream - Clinique Pep-start

Finally, I like to use an eye cream before bed. This isn’t something I tend to use on a morning as it takes some time to soak in and I’m usually in a rush to slap some face on before work. 

I love to use the Clinique Pep-start Eye Cream. Sadly, I’m running out of this because I’ve loved it so much that it’s now on its last legs. It’s a lovely, light, creamy formula that glides under the eyes and hydrates them thoroughly. Dermatologist advice says that you should start using moisturiser and eye cream from a young age to prevent wrinkles in later years, so here’s my attempt at trying to maintain my baby-faced appearance while I’m still only 25.

If there’s two things I’d highly recommend for your skin during autumn/winter, it’s a good cleanser and moisturiser. Always remember to look after your skin!

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