September Birchbox Review

Years gone by, when I was fourteen or fifteen years old and used to watch all of the old-school YouTube beauty vloggers, I was so into all things beauty and skincare. After a couple of years I began to grow out of the phase of buying every single nail varnish, face wash, and eyeshadow palette from the drugstore and instead found my favourites and stuck with them. With the exception of the odd product, I sort of closed the door on beauty and skincare...

Lately, I’ve been in a bit of a slump with how I feel and look and felt as though I needed a change. Besides other changes I’ve began to make, I thought it was time to start trying new products again and basically just pamper myself properly. This year has been a turbulent one for most people to say the very least so I think a monthly subscription to Birchbox is a nice little luxury and present to myself in an attempt to pull me out of this slump and start feeling good about myself again.

When I signed up for Birchbox in late September they had a fantastic offer on where you could enter a code at the checkout and you’d receive another beauty box entirely free. Win! So, in September I received two beautiful boxes filled with eleven amazing products to try. 

I’ll start by saying that the boxes you receive your products in are really stunning. These are something you’d be able to keep afterwards and craft or even just stick them on a bookshelf for a burst of colour. Whatever your desire…  

If I’m correct, these products were the official samples that went into the September Birchbox and the products I’m going to mention further down were my extras I received at the checkout. Hopefully I’m right on that one!

So far I’ve tested out all the samples except the B.F.F Brow Gel because I’m waiting for my current NYX one to run out first… I’m a bit OCD that way. 

My favourite thing from the box has to be the Daily Concepts Multi-Functional Soap Sponge. I love how this product is a hybrid between soap and sponge because it lathers up so well, smells beautiful, and just feels really luxurious to use. 

I’m also a huge fan of the in transit camera close-up by thisworks too (I mentioned this in my last post because I love it that much!), which is a primer, mask, and moisturiser combined into one product. If you’re looking for something light to use on your skin that’s hydrating and has a subtle pretty scent then I’d definitely give this a go. 

The lipstick is a gorgeous light pink shade and really wearable for virtually any occasion. The texture is nice and not too drying… something I struggle with where lipsticks are concerned especially in winter. Apply it for an everyday look or glam it up with a smokey eye on an evening and it’ll also work really well. 

Something to mention… don’t make the same mistake as me and apply the Philip Kingsley Deep Conditioner after you’ve shampooed. Read the instructions on the back like I should’ve and apply it before shampoo and I’m sure you’ll get a great result. My hair turned out really greasy after use but that’s my own silly fault! The product itself is lovely and left my hair (besides the roots) feeling silky. For a sample, you get a lot of product which I was really impressed with.

From this box, I’ve used the Philip Kingsley Body Building Shampoo and also the Anna Sui Foundation Primer. I’m yet to try the rest but I did catch a glimpse of my eye bags in the mirror today so I’m thinking the Vitamasques Morning Goggle Eye Mask might be a good shout later when I stick the new David Attenborough documentary on the TV. You know… just your average Wednesday night.

Sadly, I wouldn’t say the shampoo was particularly anything special… There wasn’t really anything that set it apart from any other shampoo I’ve tried but nevertheless still a nice enough product to use. 

However, I am really liking the foundation primer. It has a sort of bouncy yet creamy texture and just glides onto your face with such ease. It settles into the skin quickly and doesn’t feel as though you’re wearing a thick base at all. I can see myself purchasing the full size product of this when I’m finished… LOVE!

I really am loving Birchbox so far and it’s exciting to receive a new batch of products every 30 days for a well-deserved pamper. I received my October box just a few days ago, so there might be a similar review hitting my blog this time next month… Keep an eye out for more exciting product recommendations.

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