Outfit of the Day: Casual Saturday

It's time to get your wooly jumpers, cosy scarves, and comfy footwear out again; because as much as most of us probably don't want to admit it... summer 2020 is sadly over. Let's be honest, it never really begun but that's the UK for you!

But that’s no problem for me because I LOVE autumn. The cold weather, snuggly style, hot drinks, and relaxing duvet days with lots of movies and snacks are what I love the most. 

It’s no secret that the UK is heading into another lockdown again practically, so the next few months are going to be very quiet for the majority of us. On the bright side, that means saving money will be easy. So, plenty of Christmas presents can be bought and also I’ll be that bit closer towards moving out early next year… I literally can’t wait. There are so many exciting things to come.

But while I’m not up to much this Saturday I still wanted to wear something cute and, well, get some nice photos for my blog.

I bought this long spotted black skirt a couple of weeks ago from Matalan. Long skirts like this aren’t something I’d typically buy for myself (I don’t think I ever have actually) but I thought with a cropped jumper, white T-shirt, or slouchy top it would pull together well and make a nice autum outfit.

Today I’ve paired the skirt with a cropped black jumper from MissGuided, Nike Air Max trainers, and my small yellow and white shoulder bag from Louvres that I wear literally 24/7. For some extra warmth, I think a scarf compliments this outfit really well. Mine is from George Asda and I feel like it just adds a lovely pop of colour. 

I also just wanted to share the lovely surprise I got today from my future sister-in-law Libby! She dropped a beautiful bag by the house with all these amazing treats and an invitation to be a bridesmaid at her wedding. 

Excited is an understatement! I can’t wait to dress up and celebrate her and my brother’s special day in 2022. Hopefully the world will be in a better place by then and we can all enjoy a fun-filled day celebrating the happy couple.

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