10 Things To Do On A Rainy Day At Home

Sure, we all love sunny days by the beach eating ice cream and walking along the golden shores... But rainy days don't have to be all bad if you have some good ideas on how to spend your time. Rainy days are a great chance to stay at home; either to get stuff done around the house, make something yummy to eat, or organise your living space. The possibilities are endless!

Plan your dream getaway

When it’s starting to look a little grim outside it’s probably time to start imagining yourself somewhere else… somewhere where sunshine is blazing, drinks are all-inclusive, and your tan is coming along nicely.

Pull out your laptop and start planning your next holiday. Whether you’d like to experience the infectious culture of Bali, savour rustic pizza and pasta in Italy; or head to Orlando for some white-knuckle action; now is the BEST time to look.

Challenge yourself to a home workout

We all need to give ourselves a kick up the backside to move more – myself included! Especially in winter, it gets harder and harder to find the motivation to exercise. But there are really no excuses… we don’t have to drive to a gym to work out because we can do it from the comfort of our own home.

I particularly love Alexandra Crane’s HIIT and ab workouts. They last usually around 10 mins so you don’t feel intimidated by the thought of hours worth of exercise. You can find her videos on Instagram and YouTube. Highly recommend!

Do that DIY you've been putting off

Looking at the picture above I’m sure you’re probably thinking about that dreaded DIY job that you told yourself you were going to do like a month ago, right? Well, today is the day to get it done!

Put your scruffs on, get a paintbrush in-hand, and start working because the result will be fabulous. Plus, you’ll thank yourself later when you can kick back with a cup of coffee and call it a day.

Read a book

Your mum got you that book for Christmas and you still haven’t read it… Reading is super relaxing and actually really enjoyable. The battle though, is setting the time aside to put your feet up and actually start a book. You’ll find 435 other things to do before reading a book but why not make it a priority this time?

Cook or bake something delicious...

If there’s been something you’ve wanted to have a stab at for a while… give it a go! Get your cookbooks out or have a look on BBC Good Food if you’re lacking food inspo. Make some fugdy brownies, try out some shrimp tacos, knock up a Sunday roast, or why not food prep your meals for the week? Cooking certainly passes the time if you’re not prepared to stare out at the gloomy weather all day long.

Get organised and de-clutter

It’s amazing what a bit of de-cluttering can do for your mind. Put it this way, you’ll never regret organising and clearing the mess away that’s been the cause of an obstacle course for days. 

Grab yourself a bin bag and get started! Begin with the drawer or space that is your biggest bugbear. You’ll find that once you’ve conquered one part of your room/home you’ll just want to carry on and have it all looking brand new.

Learn a new skill

The rain is still lashing against your windows and you’re sat contemplating life. Why not think about the things you’ve always wanted to do… Learn to play the guitar? Crochet? Paint? Speak a new language? Master Photoshop?

Whatever it is, you’re likely to be able to learn exactly how to do it TODAY. Nothing’s stopping you apart from yourself…


Host a 'Come Dine With Me' evening

I know… I know… At the minute we’re obviously not able to host anybody at home because of sodding Covid-19, so maybe this is an idea you can store away for another day. However, evenings like this are so much fun if you’d rather a quiet night in with your best people vs. a wild night out in town.

You can still share a bottle of wine and have fun but I can guarantee you’ll wake up with less of a headache than you would after a night of 10 vodka shots (and the rest) . Plus, it gives you the chance to impress friends and family with your culinary skills.

Pamper yourself...

If most of us were honest I’m sure we’d admit to neglecting our body a lot of the time. Sometimes your skin needs a little pick-me-up with a rejuvenating face mask or your feet are in need of a bubbly soak and a lathering of lotion.

Our bodies are good to us every day so keep looking after yours and giving it some down-time when it needs it!

Have a movie marathon!

I left the lazy option for last. If you’re feeling like a duvet day and can’t bring yourself to do anything else after a week of work then gather all your favourite snacks, switch Netflix on, and spend the day immersing yourself in a chick flick, horror, drama, or laugh out loud comedy. And don’t feel guilty for it!

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