10 Ways To Feel More Festive This Year

'Tis the season to be jolly! That's what they say anyway, isn't it? I'm not sure about you but I'm feeling extra jolly this year. Probably to make up for the fact we've all had a pretty rubbish 2020, so let's not allow this year to ruin the last thing we have left... Christmas!

Don't worry if you're not feeling festive yet, after all it's still only the beginning of December. Here are a few simple (and some obvious) ways to start getting in the mood for Christmas time...

Bake some festive treats

It’s no secret that Christmas is all about food. Well, there are other things too like gifts and decorations… but mostly food let’s be honest! Mince pies are an obvious choice for something festive to bake and they’re also super easy and delicious too. You could also make a fruit-filled Christmas cake, stollen, cupcakes, brownies, Christmas puddings, and loads more. Take a look on the BBC Good Food page for some inspiration for festive baking.. They’ve got so many great recipes. 

Alternatively, if you want something REALLY easy then head to B&M and pick up one of the Betty Winters Home Baking ‘Cookies For Santa’ baking kits. All you’ll need extra is a little bit of butter, an electric whisk, and some cookie cutters and wa-la!

Wear all your favourite Christmas jumpers

They’ve been sitting in your wardrobe all year and NOW is the time to get them out. Unfortunately for most of us there won’t be any office Christmas parties or nights out on the town wearing our favourite cringey jumpers this year, so just wear them wherever and whenever – with no shame! Plus, there’s no better feeling than being all snuggled up in a cosy knit.

Why not even treat yourself to a new one?

Start wrapping presents!

For the first year ever I actually had all of my Christmas shopping done before December – it’s a miracle! It could also be due to the fact we’ve had nothing else to do but I’ll still give myself a pat on the back. 

Whether you’ve only started buying a few bits the last few days or aready have everything you need, start some wrapping some presents up because it’s a sure way to start feeling more Christmassy. Why not decorate with cute ribbon, bows, lace, and personalised gift tags for a unique touch?

It can be a tedious task if you do it all in one go and I find mine usually gets messier and messier as I get more and more bored of it. So, why not just wrap as you buy? You’re more likely to take care of each present you wrap doing it this way.

Listen to a Christmas playlist

Definitely super obvious but do it! I particularly love this ‘Christmas Hits’ playlist on Spotify because it has everything from old to new. Put some festive tunes on as you’re decorating the tree (if it’s not already up), baking some Christmas treats, wrapping presents, or planning your Christmas shopping list.


Drink LOADS of hot chocolate

Whether you take a trip to Costa and sample their new festive hot drinks menu or make your own at home… drink hot chocolate! I love cuddling up and drinking a hot chocolate with all the trimmings (marshmallows and whipped cream), watching a Chritmas movie with my favourite candles on, and just relaxing for the night.

You can, of course, buy plain milk chocolate Cadbury or Galaxy hot chocolate which is delicious. However recently I’ve been enjoying the Options ‘Mint’ and Mokate Gold Premium Gingerbread hot chocolate too. Definitely trying the gingerbread one – it’s so yum!

Inject the scents of Christmas EVERYWHERE

You’ll find that this time of year you can buy nearly everything Christmas-scented. From car fresheners to home cleaner to bubble bath to candles – and more!

I particularly love the smell of gingerbread, anything sugary and sweet, cinnamon, and fruit. I purchased two amazing-sounding bubble baths (see above) from Avon which I can’t wait to try out and also the Wickford & Co Gingerbread car freshener is a great little addition when I’m driving. Super sad but blasting Christmas songs with the scent of gingerbread in my car just makes me happy. It really is the little things in life.

Gift yourself something special

Black Friday was the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to a little something. But even if you missed the sales, it’s still perfecty acceptable to gift yourself something this time of year. Sure, you’ll be receiving gifts no doubt on the 25th but why not buy yourself that thing you’ve had bookmarked all year? It’s got your name written all over it and you know it does… so buy it!

Watch the BEST Christmas movies

This is probably my favourite thing to do out of everything I’ve mentioned so far. Perfect scenario: Launch Netflix, pick a festive movie, sip frothy hot chocolate, have the candles burning, snuggle under the duvet, and eat Christmas cookies. There’s not one part of that sentence I don’t like the sound of personally!

My all-time favourite Christmas film is The Holiday because it’s such a feel-good, light-hearted, and romantic watch. Some of my other favourites include Deck The Halls, The Grinch, Home Alone, and Elf. If you haven’t seen these films then stick one on tonight and enjoy with a hot chocolate and cosy blanket. You won’t regret it.

Buy personalised festive pj's to wear throughout December

Some may say sad… I say necessary. I like getting a new pair of festive pj’s every year to wear on Christmas eve and then Christmas day evening. However this year I plan on wearing festive pj’s all throughout the month if I can help it. Why not?!

I bought some amazing personalised pyjamas from Straight Up Threads this year. Unfortunately they haven’t arrived yet but keep an eye out on my Instagram – they’ll be over on there soon! It’ll just be nice to have a pair with my initials and Adam’s on to match. Lame couple goals.

Finally... paint your nails Christmas-themed!

Snowflakes, Santa Claus, candy canes, elves, reindeers… the possibilities are endless for nail art! A simple but effective way to remind yourself that Christmas is just arond the corner is to have your nails festive-themed.

I wanted my first set of Christmas nails this year to be classic but with a subtle hint of Christmas. However, you could go all out and have Santa Claus on one nail, Rudolph on another, a Christmas pudding on the next, etc. It’s your shout!

Merry Christmas all! If you’re not feeling in the mood for Christmas after reading this post then there really is no hope for you. Bah humbug.

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