August Favourites

August is almost over which means only one thing… Autumn is nearly here! For me, the year just gets better from here on out. Not only are there pumpkin spice lattes, crunchy leaves, and chunky jumpers to enjoy; there’s also Halloween, Bonfire Night, and then Christmas. I just can’t believe we’re here already, 2021 is flying over!

To conclude the month of August I wanted to share some products I’ve been really enjoying. Most are beauty-related items but there’s one slightly random addition thrown in too.

  1. To put things into context, I’m quite possibly the most pale human being to walk planet earth. Therefore, I don’t tan naturally and have to resort to the costly upkeep of ‘fake tan’. So far on my tanning journey, my all-time favourite product is the Bondi Sands Tanning Mousse in Light/Medium. However, I discovered this Skinny Tan ‘Body Glow’ Everyday Moisturising Lotion just doing a B&M shop one day. From memory, I think it was around £3-£4 so I thought I’d give it a shot. I love to apply it twice a week straight after a bath/shower with a tanning mitt. Applying it with a mitt ensures there are no awkward streaks and makes the process a lot faster! It gives a lovely natural colour that isn’t orange-looking. This is best used in between weekly applications of my tanning mousse, to keep my ‘tan’ looking the best it can.
  2. This is something else I discovered doing a weekly shop… This time from Aldi. I’ve used a few Lacura products and always been really impressed. I’d just finished my tub of Clinique ‘Take The Day Off’ Cleansing Balm at the time when I saw this. Therefore, instead of forking out another £25 to re-purchase it I thought I’d try this out. I’d say it’s a close contender for me because it has the same lovely texture, a pleasant scent, and breaks away makeup really effectively.
  3. When tanned, white nail varnish looks spot on. Especially white tootsies! Nine times out of ten, if you see me, I’ll have painted my toenails white. I bought this little bottle from Primark for £1! It really does the job. It lasts around a week without chipping and the formula makes for an easy application.
  4. The infamous Charlotte Tilbury lipstick ‘Pillow Talk’ is a favourite for many. Until January I already had a favourite lipstick, which was MAC – Faux. I still love that lipstick but this one does surpass it. The colours are similar but this shade is a little warmer. It’s perfectly wearable for every day, smoothes on with a lovely finish, and undeniably the packaging is stunning!
  5. Here comes the random one… Loo spray. I’m on a bit of an OCD thing at the moment when it comes to the house. It’s clean but it could always be cleaner in my opinion. I thought adding one of these Fabulosa sprays to each bathroom/toilet would be a nice addition for decorative purposes but also to actually serve a purpose! If it stinks, spray it basically. This useful little bottle lasts up to 100 sprays and smells really good too.
  6. Last but not least! I had NEVER been a fan of dry shampoo. I know everyone raves about Batiste but I just felt like my hair always looked more unclean than clean after use. Plus, I’m that girl who likes to wash her hair every day given the opportunity. Although I do know doing that isn’t good for the condition of your hair, so lately I’ve been trying to train my hair to be washed every other day. Another B&M buy… I bought this to have a back-up in the house just in case I did skip a hair wash. To my surprise it’s actually brilliant. A little goes a long way with this product and my hair looks so clean and even full of volume after application. For a cheap £1-£2 purchase it’s really impressed me.

I’d like to make this a monthly feature, so I hope you are looking forward to seeing what I manage to collate in the month of September! 

Have a brilliant Bank Holiday Weekend everyone x

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