Hi, I'm Jen!

My name is Jennifer but I’d love it if you just called me “Jen”. I’m a 25-year-old from the North East of England with a real passion for writing. When I say passion for writing, that means I love to write about anything and everything. There are no limits here.

Prior to a recent job change, I used to make my  living as a Copywriter for Hays Travel. Day in and day out I’d be writing about two things I love the most in this world… travelling and exploring.

I’m still working at Hays Travel, however I’ve taken on a new role as Email Marketing Executive to broaden my skill set and embark on a new (and hopefully exciting) challenge.

Although my 9-5 was once writing, writing, and more writing… I’d still like to write more. So, as of 11th August 2020, Not So Secret Diary has hatched and is ready for lots of content.

If you’re a lover of beauty, fashion, food, travel, music, real-life topics, reviews, days in the life, and even short stories, then this is the space for you. Just with a little sprinkling of “Jen” thrown in for good measure.

Hope you enjoy x

Just a few things in life that have my heart… ♥️